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VSupport LLC understands that how easy and approachable world has become after introduction of internet. With continuous development and introduction of new technology is making it much easier, reliable and accessible for today’s era.
The Introduction of WiFi is been a greatest achievement and most expedient in the industry of internet and network. It has created a boom in the industry and is being widely used. Henceforth, created a need to be aware and have knowledge about WiFi. VSupport LLC is all deck up to bring this small packet technology of world in easier words to you.
What is wi-fi ?
WiFi is an abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity. It is a technology that uses radio waves, like cell phones, televisions and radio do. It is a broadband, but without wires. Using a Wireless Adapter which creates hotspots, WiFi connection is established. In fact, across a wireless network communication is a lot like two-way radio communication.
1. A computer's wireless adapter translates data into a radio signal and transmit it using an antenna.
2. A wireless router recieves a signal and decodes it. The router then sends the information with the help of physical, wired Ethernet cable to the internet.
And the process works vise-a-versa.
The Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that owns the registered trademark of “WiFi”, refer it as “Wireless local area network (WLAN).
These days almost all the applications and devices including video game consoles, home networks, PDAs, mobile phones etc supports Wi-Fi. If a product is Wi-Fi certified by the Wi-fi Alliance, they are interoperable with each other.
Several devices can use one router to connect to the internet. The WiFi connection is truly convenient, virtually invisible and fairly reliable, but if too many users try to use applications with high bandwidth at the same time, user can find difficulty and loose connections.
History of Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi uses multiple different technologies which are patent of many different companies, so there is no one inventor or company. In 1971, to connect the islands together in Hawaii, a UHF wireless network packet called ALOHA net was used. AT&T and NCR Corporation developed actual Precursor for 802.11 and Wi-Fi. This was commonly known as Wavelan during those days, which was used with cash register system for wireless communication. In 1997, the first version of 802.11 was developed with recorded speed of 2 Megabit per second for use. Then again in 1999, it was updated to 802.11b increasing the speed upto 11Mbit/s. Interbrand-Corporation coined the term “Wi-Fi” at the request of Wi-Fi Alliance. Somewhere later or near in August 1999, 802.11b became Wi-Fi and got widely popular.
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