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How to replace your old router with the new one? Using Software Update !!!
VSupport LLC understands that the new technology demands new update and upgrade your usability also. This upgrade is possible by only updating the product/device online without changing it but in some of the situation we have to a fruit of complete technology upgradation require change in the device with the new one with latest configuration.
Similarly, the need to replace the old router with new one arises, probably to increase the speed and catch network in a faster and easier way.
Don’t Worry! VSupport LLC step by step will explain you how to replace the old router with the new one.

Follow these steps:
• Disconnect your current router from the box.
• For your home network, configure your new router, and then connect it to the box.
• With the box app, connect your smartphone to the new Router’s WiFi network and start the app.
• When you will receive an “Update BOX configuration” notification, tap the notification and then tap “Fix” so BOX will attempt to fix this issue. If you are not able to fix this then follow these steps:
• This Setup app will display your router’s admin panel, type your credentials here to log in.
• When you are successfully logged in, disable the DHCP (dynamic IP allocation) server on your Router, as guided in the app menu and save the changes on your router.
• Now manually reboot your router and after rebooting it, please wait until it restarts before pressing “Done rebooting my router” in the app.
• Finish the process using the app.
Another way to update your network configuration is to remove BOX when your current router is still connected and once a new router is being configured, set it up again by following these steps:
• From your device main screen open the BOX app and check if you are connected to the router’s WiFi network.
• In the lower right corner of the app’s dashboard, TAP the BOX icon.
• Select the Remove Box Option.
• Select Yes in the window that appears.
• Wait until the uninstalled process finishes.
• To close the window, click OK.
After the process is successful, disconnect BOX from the old router. You need to now configure the new router for your home network, then connect BOX and set it up.
Still! If you are not able to connect or replace your new router with the old one. Just Relax and give Call on VSupport TOLL FREE Number, get the help from VSupport Tech-Smarties and get your new router installed. We are 24/7 round the clock available for your services.

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