Wi-Fi Difference between Router and Modem

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What is modem?
In easy words, if VSupportLLC explains you about what is modem then it is a first point of contact for internet traffic to flow into your Office or Home network. Through coaxial or telephone cable, the modem gets connected to the network of your Internet Service Provider, depending upon whether you have a cable or a DSL powered internet service.
Modems on the nature of connection is further classified as Cable Modem or DSL Modem.
Cable Modems make use of Coaxial Cable Connection which is similar to cable TV to connect to the cable port on the wall of your home which is connected further to the cable network of your Internet Service Provider.
DSL Modem is connected to the socket of telephone on the Wall of your home using a telephone cable or a connector known as RJ-11 jack. This wall Socket is further connected to the telephone network of your service provider.
What is Router?
A Router is a device that allows various devices to share a same network connection.
The major difference between the initial router and modern router is that initial routers had multiple Ethernet Ports that allowed devices to connect to a local area network (LAN).
Whereas modern Routers mostly creates WiFi networks, hence, permitting multiple devices like laptops, tablets, printers and phones to connect to the same network wirelessly.
Just a modem cannot provide you with an internet connection, rather, it needs Router to get connected and create your home Wi-Fi network through which multiple devices in your home can connect to.
Hence, there is a special Ethernet port in Routers which is designed to connect to the Ethernet port of a Modem.
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