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How to use Wi-Fi?
WiFi can be used to access internet on the phone, tablet or laptop.
If you have a wireless router at your home, you can use WiFi at home. Infact, you can get connected to WiFihotspotsat places like cafes, stations and airports, and you can stay online if you're out.

Using WiFi at home
• First, in your device i.e. mobile, laptop or tablet, go to Settings and Tun on the Wifi.
• Choose the name of WiFi network that you have for your home internet connection.
• If you have a password for your home connection, then you need to type that one, if you are connecting for the first time with your home network.
• Once you got connected, then your mobile phones, tablets or laptop will remember the password and get connected automatically.
Now, you can use internet on your devices and make sure that you pay the monthly internet allowances for the WiFi services.
Using Wi-Fi when you are out
• First, in your devices mobiles, laptop or tablet, go to Settings and Turn on the WiFi.
• All the Wifi networks in your range will be visble to you, on your device.
• You can get connected to the one with strong or good network, so if the network will be without password you will get automatically connected or you have to put the password which you will get from the concerned people working in the shop, cafe or on airport etc. it might be possible that at few places you will be permit to use WiFi only if you pay for the services.

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