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Beware of scams happening these days! Lots of innocent internet users are falling prey to scam processes resulting in loss of their hard earned money. Hence through this VSupport LLC Scam article, we feel the need to educate our customers about such scams going on these days and the increasing security threats involved along with it. Its always better to be vigilant in order to ensure your safety.
People running fake processes and businesses charge a large amount of money promising them of services in the name of fake ads, services, loans or charities, which they never provide. The offers seem lucrative which may compel you to avail these services however its always better to enquire before you end up paying heavy amount. The VSupport LLC Scam awareness campaign is being run to educate its customers about such practices from time to time. In this section, VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team has tried to cover information about atleast 8 such common online scams going on these days.
About Phone Scams
VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team researched through data available in order to educate customers so that they do not fall prey of such scam practices. Phone Scams have turned out to be a very common and more frequent kind of threat for the millions and trillions of people who are using internet or active on digital media. VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team feels, these scammers are targeting their victims every year via robo-dialers and many innocent ignorant people fall victim to their trick where they either make fascinating free offers or threatens through arrest warrants. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team feels that IRS is one such scam which is the most common and has spread its wings all across the globe, affecting more than 14 million victims.
VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team, have been receiving a lot of calls from our users and customers who have fallen prey to these scammers. Hence, out of all the complaints we got from our customers regarding these phone scams, our expert team have marked out these 8 most common scams.
VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team assures you that after reading this article, you will be more vigilant and aware about whether to entertain a call or not.
8 most common types of Telephone Scams
1. Free Vacations and Prizes:
Calls with a voicemail from an unknown number stating, “Congratulations! You have won a free trip to the Disney! To claim award give………” or “Congratulations! You have won a Free Iphone! To claim award give…..”etc. on your phone, then, the chances are zero as it sounds too exciting to be true and acceptable. The personal information and money given by you to claim these fake prizes have gone into the hands of scammers. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team agents have found out that such calls and even its Pop-up ads on internet is quite common these days victimizing the innocent people and their computers or other digital devices.
Before paying to any such calls, VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team advises you to understand this that if you have won something for free then these fake ads or call cannot charge you for anything further on this. Even if they do so then kindly ignore it and put the call down.
2. Phishing Scams
Phishing Scam calls are quite common these days where the scammers call you or generate calls on your phone number, try to convince you that there’s an issue with your computer. These scammers or fake people who have called you and to whom you haven’t approached by yourself will try to convince you that your computer and privacy is at risk in order to get your information and hamper your security or will install malicious software on your computer which will automatically steal the information out of your computer. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team advises you that generally these scammers, refer themselves as Microsoft, Norton, Mcafee etc. on call to their victims and try to convince them. You have to understand this point that these scammers who are calling you under the name of Microsoft, Norton, Mcafee etc. are not actually calling from these companies because Microsoft, Norton, Mcafee will never give you call, if you will face any problem you will call them or any other tech support company which can help you out in the technical problems you must be facing. Hence, if you get any such call hung up. SSearch for a good tech support company and call on their toll free number given on the official website.
3. Loan Scams:
The calls saying auto-loan, student-loan or payday loan phone calls are typically scam calls suggests VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team. These calls offer you money and in return asks you for your personal information including your financial and security related as well.
Be careful and suspicious on any such calls asking you for your personal information rather hung up on them. If you are sure that you have got a call from loan scammer then you can even file a report against them in FTC. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team can even help you with filing a complaint against these Loan scammers.
4. Phony Debt Collectors:
They are almost as same as loan scammers but a bit more dangerous and frustrating ones. They call you asking you for the debts and money you have taken from your credit card companies and left paying them back and if you fallen into their trap you will consider yourself as the defaulter and will give the sensitive personal information to them. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team strongly suggests you not to share any personal information to anyone. Its better to visit the company office should in case there is anything to be clarified. If any such call you will get from a debt collector ask for their name, number, and company’s information and end the call. After that check this information with your creditor to confirm if the debt collector is real. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team always advises its customers to be vigilant.
The FTC has an excellent guidelines providing you ways on what to do if you are being harassed by these fraudulent debt collectors.
5. Fake Charities:
It’s sad to hear and state that these fake people and scammers have got so greedy and money minded that they even use a social purpose like charities for their fake money making business. One of the most common scams of charity running in USA is either about people pretending to collect for local police and fire departments. It’s strange but while we carried out our research, VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team found that the complaints they have got from people who are victim of such calls are for charity regarding cancer, earthquake, Syria victims etc. the estimated amount if we calculate is more than $200 million which they have taken only from American citizens.
VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team will suggest you that before entertaining any such calls or giving any kind of donation, first, take the information from the person on the line. If the person is asking for Fire or local police charity take the information about the person, name of the company and company’s number. Check about the information and legitimacy of the company on Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance before paying or donating any amount. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team shall alays advise you to be vigilant before making any such charity for a social cause so that the money you are sharing goes in proper hands.
6. Medical Alerts/Scams Targeting Seniors:
Over the time, VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team have realized that these scammers purposely target and call senior citizens as they are easy to convince and more vulnerable. Out of all the scam calls and ads senior citizens & elderly people are soft targets for such crooks. They tend to get convinced easily specially if it involves Free medical alert system offers. Like any other scams messages and call even medical scams asks for personal information. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team suggests you to never share any personal information unless you are sure that the caller is genuine.
Hang up on all such calls stating or giving you Free offers. As rather than claiming for any such offers it’s always better you don’t get it if it involves risking your personal information. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team suggests that and any such offers will never come over the call or through messages to you.
7. Warrant threats:
VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team understands that how frustrating it will be for people who are victims of calls making them panic and threatening them that you will be arrested. These calls are just to increase your anxiety or to make more panic. Getting a call from these people stating that they are calling from Sherrif’s department, or DEA, or the FBI, don’t trust them. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team feels using such comments the scammers will increase your anxiety and will make you panic with such statements and will then charge you out for fine which is actually not there. These scammers playing with your emotions and law abiding attitude will charge you from a heavy amount. It’s better that rather getting panic to any such situation, relax and hang up on these call and consult the concerned organization for this and report regarding these fake calls.
8. IRS calls:
VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team says that out of all the scams calls and messages, IRS calls are the most common and have a high victim ratio in its list. Why these scammers are so effective? Well! These scammers are incredibly well in convincing and strange thing is that they even have your phone number and the last 4 digits of your security. In order to judge if it’s the call actually from IRS or not, you need to know that IRS will never ask for payment right away on the call. If you think that the call you have got is from IRS scammer then call the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 1-800-366-4484. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team suggests all its readers to be vigilant and safe all the time. Never share your personal details over the phone with anyone.
What to do if you have been or just been saved from becoming a victim of these Fake/Scam calls?
In case if you have got any such calls or you have clicked on any such messages, call VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team on toll free number and get connected to our technicians who will help you out in guiding you on how to deal with these scam calls and how to file a complaint against it. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team will definitely make sure that they can help you out in all possible manner so that ever in future you never becaome a as a victim to any such scam/fake calls and messages.
VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team wants its customers and users to be safe and secure in every aspect so that our customers can work smoothly and smartly without falling into the trap of these fake people. In case any further problem you face from these scammers in future call us for help.
Get Secure with VSupportLLC Scam Fighters Team!

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