Types of Printers

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Types of Printers

"A printer is an output device which takes data from the computer and print it in a hard copy form either in the form of text/graphics on a paper".
Now- a-days when everything resides on internet and the culture of writing is dying away, it has become a necessity to have printer available around to save time, energy and money. HenceVsupportLLc is bringing you little information about Printer, so in this Tech-savy world you don’t lag behind anyone.
Printers are divided further into two categories depending upon their mechanism:
1. Impact Printers
Impact printer prints on paper by pressing an inked ribbon against the paper using a hammer or pin. Following are few of the examples of Impact Printers:
 Dot Matrix Printer
The Dot matrix printer prints with the help of print head which has about 9 to 24 pins in it. These print head pins forms dots on the paper resulting in a character, so, a 24 pin Dot matrix printer is far better than 9 pin Dot matrix printer in quality and clearer characters. In this printer computer sends one character at a time. There is a carbon between the pins & the paperwhich helps in getting word printed when the pin strikes it.
 Daisy Wheel Printer
If you want printer to print, similarly, in the way a typewriter does, then, Daisywheel is the best option. It got this name “Daisy Wheel” because its mechanism looks like Daisy, a solid line print is produced at the end of each Petal. A hammer then strikes the petal and a character gets print on the paper. It is very slow in speed, up to 22-55 characters are printed per second.
 Drum Printer
As name suggest, it has a solid, cylindrical drum that has characters in bands on its surface. The number available on the page equals the number of print positions across the drum. These hammers rotate at a rapid speed, then strike the paper, along the ink ribbon. To print a line on a paper, the drum needs to revolve once. Almost about 300-2000 lines per minute has been printed by the Drum printer.
2. Non-Impact Printers
These printers do not use any kind of striking device in order to print and so they are much quieter than Impact printers. Following are the list of few Non-Impact Printers:
 Ink-Jet Printers
Ink –Jet Printers mechanisms is same as that of Dot-matrix Printer, the images and characters are formed in the form of tiny dots but the only difference is that these dots are formed by the tiny droplets of ink. In Ink-Jet printers, the characters are formed by the spraying of ink from tiny nozzles through an electrical field that arranges the charged ink particles into characters at the rate of approximately 250 characters per second. This ink is absorbed by the paper and gets dry rapidly. For color print, various colors of ink can be used.
 Laser Printers
The mechanism of a Laser Printer is same as of photocopy machine. Through a laser beam at a mirror the images and text is captured and it bounces back the beam onto a drum. The drum of Laser printer has a special coating to which toner sticks. A laser beam conveys information from the computer to a positively charged drum in the form of small dots and the drum becomes neutralized. This neutralized drum then detaches the toner. As the paper rotates around the drum, the toner detaches and prints letters and other graphics on the paper.
Laser Printer are by far the best in quality and even recommended by the VSupport LLC’s high professional credential holder technicians.
VsupportLLc Tech Experts hope that this information about the working of different printer will help you to decide the best suitable printer for your home or office.
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