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What should I do to fix or avoid Paper Jam issues?

From last many years, VSupport Experts have got lots and lots of complaints of paper jam issues in printer. This is the most common issue which happens often, most of the time due to few simple mistakes which we do while handling the machine.
VSupport LLC Smart Technicians felt the need to help you with this issue by giving you little knowledge on how can it be fixed and avoided in future. Hence, by following these simple steps you will be able to deal with issues related to paper jam on your own.
Method 1: Desktop Inkjet Printer
1. Turn Off the Printer: This is important in order to reduce the chances of damaging the printer or injuring yourself. Let the Printer to shut down and then unplug printer for further safety.
2. Open up the main cover:From the paper feeds or output tray, remove all the loose papers and then lift the main cover of the printer.
3. Gently move print head sideways to free paper: The print head in the inkjet printer moves across the paper, expelling ink from the attached cartridges. Hence if in this printer at the time of paper jam, if the print head needs to move to the side of the printer, it will probably get stuck against the paper.
** Gently move the print head to the sideways. Using unnecessary force can damage the print head. **
4. Slowly remove Paper: Clench the paper firmly and remove it by pulling it slowly. Make sure paper doesn’t tear because if it does then it will leave paper fibres and later it can affect the quality of printing. Try to pull paper in the direction the paper would travel through the printer.
5. Remove Print head and try again: Follow the instructions from your printer manual on how to remove print head or the ink cartridges. Pull the paper firmly and again gently try to pull it down in the direction the printer prints.
6. Check the Output Tray: Many a times, on Inkjet Printers, paper gets stuck in the mechanism near the output tray. Look into the slot and gently remove the paper if there is any. Some good printers have knob to easily remove the paper.
7. Clean the Print heads: Even after following and trying all the steps, you are still facing issues with printing, then run a print head quick cleaning process. The cleaning will help you get rid of the microfibers clogging the nozzles. ,.

Method 2: Desktop Laser Printer

1. Turn Off, Unplug and open the Printer: Turn off the printer, wait to get it shut down and then unplug it. Open the main cover where you put the toner cartridge.
2. Wait 30 seconds for the printer to cool down:The printing in laser printer happens when a paper is passed between two heated rollers, called the “Fuser”. If the paper has jammed somewhere near it, wait atleast 30 minutes to cool it. As it may result in burn if you will not keep patience.
3. Pull out the Print cartridge, if you do not see the paper jam: In a laser printer, the front and top covers will usually will be for the print cartridge. If there is no paper found, pull out the cartridge carefully.
4. Gently Remove Paper:?Hold the paper from both the hands and try to pull it gently. Patiently, try to do this as force can damage your Printer. Even if the paper is not freed, use wide grip tweezers.
5. Inspect the rollers:The most common reason for paper jamming is that the paper passes between the two rollers. If the rollers are able to rotate easily, then rotate them until the paper is free. If the jamming got complex, with multiple folds and tear, try to refer the manual and carefully remove the roller, freeing the paper.

To avoid a jam next time:

1. Make sure that you use only one kind of paper in your input tray.
2. Irrespective, you have a single or multiple input trays, always in the settings of your printer’s driver, check and change the option with the preference of paper type you want the print on.
3. If you are not sure whether your printer has compatibility of taking certain kind of paper check its documentation and get assured.
4. Whenever you reload a paper, pay attention to the tray’s needs.
With some patience and attention, you would be able to overcome any printer problem in future. And even if still you are not able to do it, just give VSupportLLC Tech Smarties a call on Vsupport Toll-Free Number.
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