How to print a document, picture, or another file

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How to print a document, picture, or another file

How to mail, search, make a word document, excel file or print a document?
These are counted as basic computer knowledge which doesn’t require any sort of high end computer courses degree but add a point of star in your ability with the knowledge.
Hence, if you want not to be lacked behind in this fast moving tech-savy world, it is important that you have atleast these few basic knowledge of computer.
To help you with this, VSupport LLC TechExperts have got you this easy step-by-step guide on how to print a document, picture or another file. So that it gets easier for you to print any file and no longer you look for a local technician or a person who can help you for this.
Note that, before printing a document make sure that the associated printer in on, installed and configured.
Steps on printing a document, picture, or another file
Tip: Before trying the steps given below, check for these Keyboard shortcuts for printing i.e Ctrl+P on the PC and Cmd+P on the Mac.
1. Open the file or document you want to print.
2. Look for the print icon resembling any of the below from the images on the topmost bar of your Window.

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1. Open file or document you want to print.
2. Look at the top of your Window program or browser, you will find option of File on the extreme corner of left-hand side of the screen.
3. Click on file, and select Print from the drop-down list of options.
4. Either a window will be opened with Print Properties or automatically will start printing a file or document.
5. If the Print Properties window open up, you can more specify your needs of printing, For eg. You can select how many copies you want or can specify the pages you want to print, can define the portrait of the paper etc. once you have specified the needs of your requirements, click OK or Print, the printing process will start.
Printing selected text or picture from an Internet web Page
If you want to Print a text or image directly from the browser without coping it on a program on your computer. Then follow these steps.
• Print a selected text from the Browser:
Select the text which you want to print from the content of the web page, then press Ctrl+P for the PC or Cmd+P for the MAC computers to open the print preview options. In the print options, select “Selection only” or “Selection” from the available options.
• Print a picture from the browser:
In order to print only the picture, open the picture in new tab i.e. right click on the image and click “Open image in a new tab” or “Open Image”. Once the image opens up in the new tab, press Ctrl+P for the PC or Cmd+P for the MAC computer to process the print option. Similarly print option window will open and you can click OK and printing will process.
Even if you are facing problem in printing, give VSupport LLc TechSmarties a call on VSupport’s Toll Free Number and get connected to our Technicians. They will assist you further.
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