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If you are not a Tech-Savy person and use computer just for internet, or playing games, it will be difficult for you to install, configure or uninstall a software on your computer. You will need a help of a person who is smart in computer and knows how to do it hassle free.
Step by Step: Configuring a Printer in Windows 7
Step 1 :Click Start, Devices and Printers.
Step 2 :When a window pop-ups, click the Add a Printer button on the toolbar near the top.

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Step 3 :In the next window, select the option on how you want to connect with your Printer. If you want to connect your printer directly with a cord, click option Add a local printer. Or if you want to that your printer gets connected wirelessly (over a network or a Bluetooth), or want your printer wired with your network gets connected, then click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
For Local Printers
Step 4 :Make sure that Use an existing port is selected, then click Next.
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Step 5 :First, choose the manufacturer of your printer from the left list, followed by the model of your printer in the right list, when selected then click next. There must be need for you to click the Windows Update button to let Windows search an expanded list. Or, if there is a disk packaged with your printer, click on Have Disk...
Step 6 :You will be led by few more additional steps by Windows in order to complete the installation.
For Network and Wireless Printers
Step 4 :Windows will make an effort to locate your Printer.
Step 5 :From the list, select your printer and then click Next. Now, follow all the additional prompts and complete the installation process.
Step 6 :If your printer is not set as the default printer, then click start, Devices and Printers. Now from all the options, right click the printer you wish to make the default, and select the option Set as default printer from the context menu. You can even delete the printer by clicking the Remove device from the context menu.
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