Windows Operating System

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Windows Operating System

Microsoft has been an exceptional leader, who is ruling the IT industry flawlessly. Almost 90% of the users who are using any operating system are his. Microsoft has an incredible market share all over the world.
Windows is an operating system of Windows, which provides Graphical User Interface (GUI), for computers. Windows refuses to remember the command line and helps its users to navigate easily using the mouse through menus, dialogue boxes, tabs, buttons and icons.
Generally, almost everyone who uses a PC has Windows OC in it and those who use Apple computers have Mac OS in it.
The very first version 1.0 of Windows was introduced on November 10, 1983. Now, there are dozens of versions available in the market. The most recent and the current version is Windows 10.
The term Windows….
Before the invention or release of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft users used to use MS-Dos which was a single-task command line Operating System. If you will look or study all the names given by Microsoft to its product, you will find that they try to sum up the name in one word, so, that it gets easier for their user to remember. Similarly, when Microsoft invented this new Graphical User Interface (GUI) operating system, Microsoft was in search for a name which suits it best. “Windows” was the word which described this interface the best, as this new operating system interface made it possible for users to run different program and tasks in multiple windows at the same time. The official name of Windows is Microsoft Windows as word “Windows” cannot be made a trademark by any company. In 1985, the first version of Microsoft Windows was version 1.0.
Why Windows is considered to be the most likeable Operating System in the market?
No Doubt! That Windows has the highest share and is the unbeatable ruler of the Operating system Market. VSupport’sTechExperts are giving you the amazing advantages which a Windows OS has over others. They are:
• Ease:
With the advancements and changes made by Microsoft, Windows is the easiest operating system to be used.
• Software:
As the number of Microsoft users are more, so, a lot many software programs, utilities and games are available for Windows. Almost all the games are compatible for windows.
• Hardware:
With the wider use of Microsoft, almost all the hardware devices support Ms. Windows and Microsoft other products.
• Front Page Extension:
Windows make it quite easier to use a popular web design programs.
• Development:
Forthe development of windows based applications, a Windows platform is recommended as Linux doesn’t support windows.
If there is a problem in installing or using a Windows operating, you can anytime call VSupport LLC TEchExperts who re round the clock 24/7 available at your services. Just give VSupport’s Technicians a call on its Toll-Free number.
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