Linux Operating System

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Linux Operating System

Linux! Since from mid ‘90’s, it is all around, from the smartphones to cars, supercomputers and home appliances, everywhere. It is a base for all the running internet, the supercomputers making scientific breakthroughs and the world's stock exchanges. Linux is not only a platform to run desktops, servers, and embedded systems across the globe, infact, it’s the one of the most reliable, secure and worry-free software available.
VsupportTechsmarties know that it’s a complete new world to you and hence, the jargons of information’s are simplified by our VSupportTechExperts for you.
What is Linux?
It’s an operating system, and like any other operating system it manages the software of all the hardware resources associated with the desktop or laptop. In simple words, it’s a way through which communication happens between hardware and software of your computer.
Why to use Linux?
Most of the users, almost 90% of the people are using Operating system of Either Windows or the one with Apple computer are using MAC operating systems. Then why is there need to have a complete Operating system, with new paraphrase.
The answer lies in this question “Is your Operating system is working fine? Is it free and have never faced any problems related to viruses, malware and spyware!”
So, are you also a victim of these parasites of IT world where you have been charged unknowingly or faced trouble with the loss of important data or reformatting your PC, better switch to a new platform which is more secure and reliable i.e. LINUX.
Moreover, LINUX is available for free. Yes, there is no charge for its services. Infact, the Linux servers go for years without being rebooted. Do you still want to miss that stability and reliability?
What is a “distribution”?
Well! Linux is available in different versions to suit nearly any type of users and these different versions are called distributions.
The most Important Linux distributions are:

• Ubuntu Linux

• Linux Mint

• Arch Linux

• Deepin

• Fedora

• Debian

• openSUSE

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