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Install Operating System

VSupport LLC is not just an online technical support company but also a company which is continuously contributing towards the environment of technology by helping and making their customer educated in technology with their dedicated team of experts and Techies. With the same intention VSupport has got you an easy step by step guide on how to install an operating system.
  • Boot your installation disc:
Insert your installation disc in your drive and reboot your computer. As most of the time the computer boots from the hard drive, so settings needs to be changed in your BIOS to install it from the disc drive. You can enter the BIOS setup by hitting the designated setup key.
• Common setup keys are F2, F10, F12 and DEL/Delete.
• In the setup menu, navigate to the boot section and set your DVD/ CD drive as the first boot device. If you are installing from USB drive, make sure that the drive is inserted and then select it as the first boot device.
• Once the correct drive is being selected, saves your changes and exit Setup. Your computer will reboot.
  • Wait for setup program to load:
No matter which Operating system we are installing, it needs to copy some files for setup on your computer before it can continue. This can take several hours, depending upon the speed of the computer’s hardware.
Most likely, you might be asked to choose some basic options, such as language and keyboard layout.
  • Enter your Key:
If you are installing Windows 8, you will need to enter your product key before you start your installation. But if the version of Windows is older one then you will have to enter your key after the installation is complete. Linux users will not need a product key until and unless it’s a purchased version such as REDHAT.
  • Choose Installation Type:
You will be given an option of performing Custom installation by Windows. It is highly recommended to choose custom installation and start from scratch, even if you are only upgrading the older version of Windows. This will keep you away from the problems arising later while combining the older version with the new one.
• If you are installing Linux, you will be given options either to install alongside with your existing operating system, or to erase the disk and install Linux instead. Choose whatever meets the best of your needs. If you installing Linux alongside Windows, you will be asked to designate space for it in hard disk.
  • Format your Partitions:
While installing Windows, you need to choose which hard drive partition you want to be installed on it. Deleting the partitions will wipe off the data only from that partition and return the space to unallocated sections. Select the unallocated space and create a new partition.
  • Wait for installation to complete:
Installation process can take even an hour to complete depending entirely on the speed of your computer. Infact, your computer may reboot several times depending upon the installation process.
  • Create your Windows login:
After completion of Windows installation, you will have to create username. You can even create password, if it is necessary and required. After creating the login info, you need to enter your product key.
• In windows 8, you will be asked for customized screen color theme first. After that, you can either choose to log in with the Microsoft account or with traditional Windows username.
  • Install your drivers and programs:
After installation, you will be directed to a new desktop, where you can install new programs. And make sure that your drivers are installed and up-to-date. If you are going to connect to the internet, make sure that you install an anti-virus on your computer.
  In case, even after following these steps if you are not able to or facing any kind of problem in installing the Operating System. Don’t worry! Just give call to VSupport LLC TechExperts on VSupport’s Toll-Free number. Talk to them and get help from them! We are 24/7 available at your service.  Get Secure with VSupportLLC!

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