What should I do to check the Operating System of my computer?

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What should I do to check the Operating System of my computer?

Are you not sure on which operating system you are working on?
How to see and find out which Operating System is running on your system?

Well! VSupport LLC understands your problem far before you even convey to us. Our prime motive is not only to provide you a hassle free system services but to even educate you regarding computer and technology related problems and queries and how to solve it.
So, in order to check that which operating system is running on your computer, VSupport TechSmarties have got you a step by step guide to make it easier for you.
Following are the steps:
Step1: Turn on the computer and watch as your computer starts up, look for the operating system that displays on the screen while the system loads up.
Step 2: If nothing has been displayed, then let the computer to start.
• If the on the extreme left corner, you are able to see start button, then probably you are having OS Windows95 or later.
• A Microsoft logo or flag means that you have the version of Windows that predates the Windows95.
• If on the extreme corner, you see a red hat then you are having a Red Hat Linux Operating System.
• In the left corner of the screen if you are having the gray or black footprint, it indicates that you are using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) called GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) on Linux or UNIX.
Step 3: Alternative way to find the operating system is looking at the properties of your computer i.e.
• Right click on the “My Computer” icon, usually it resides on the desktop or in start menu icon.
• Select “Properties” from the drop-down list of the menu that will appear.
• Look at the “System Properties” window and in the “General” tab you will find the name of your Operating system with more specific information regarding your computer and Operating System. Information like is your Operating System is a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.

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