How to boot an Operating System?

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Boot Operating System

Occasionally, you face trouble with your PC or want to install a new Operating system, you will have to boot the system through a disc or USB. To use PC in command interface is little difficult and a complete new foreign language for us. VSupport Tech Experts understands the limitations of users not belonging to a tech field and so in easy words they have got a guide through which you can also become a TechExpert of your PC without waiting for hours or days for anyone to fix the small problems and issues of your PC.
On Windows PC
The Windows PC varies but once, you have entered into the system’s boot menu, will be able to find whatever you were looking for. Through these easy steps by VSupport TechExperts you will handle these small issues like an expert.
• Restart your computer. The first popped up screen will appear with a message like “Press F12 to Choose Boot Device”. Press that key.
• Leave it for a moment and let the booting continue, a menu will pop with a list on the PC. Select the CD or USB and press enter.
You can even set the CD or USB as your alternative booting option. So that next time when you will insert a CD or USB, it’ll boot automatically, and will head into the regular operating system, if you haven’t inserted a device. Follow these easy steps given by VSupport TechExperts to setup the alternative booting option:
• Restart your computer and let the first screen to appear. A message will be displayed showing “Press Del to enter setup “or something more and so similar. Press the key from your keyboard and wait for the setup to start.
A new screen will pop up which will be your BIOS settings. You will find a lot of options here in a list, look through the options and select an option saying “Boot Option”/ “Boot Order,” or something similar. Select that Option.
• Again a menu will pop up, or the monitor, select your computer’s disc drive and press enter. If the boot process will happen through USB, then, Select and click USB instead of HDD. Acc. To the BIOS settings of your PC, try and see the functions of the Page UP and Page Down keys for the selection.
• Save the changes and Exit the BIOS settings.
• Make sure that your computer reboots and the CD or USB should be in your computer’s drive. A message will prompt saying “Press any key to Boot from CD/DVD”, select it. Your computer will boot from Cd/ DVD instead from your normal operating system.

On a MAC

Booting process from a CD or DVD is very easy on a Mac computer. Follow these steps given by VSupport TEchExperts:
• Reboot your computer, on a chime sound, press and hold the option key.
• A list of drives will show up, select your drive or USB, using either arrow keys or mouse. Now press Enter.
• Your System will boot from your CD or USB, instead of the OS X. keep following the instructions and system will be boot.
MAC OS is much easier in booting then Windows. After following all the steps properly by Vsupport LLC, you will see your system will boot flawlessly.
If any problem arises even after following these steps, then, give VSupport Tech Smarties a call on VSupport’s Toll-Free number and get assistance at any point of hour.

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