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Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular and used software program out of all the software programs available in the Microsoft office suite. MS. Word is the widely used and most preferred amongst users for its easy usability. Microsoft is continuously developing its softwares to make them more and more user friendly so that it can save its users’ time.
Merits of Microsoft Word
As mentioned earlier by VSupport LLC TechExperts, it is anextensively used product all around the globe. Hence, it has a huge advantage of practical availability at anywhere and everywhere. It can be easiliy found on our work, school or home computers easily.
Another benefits which falls in the plate of Ms.Word is that it is one of the most compatible program, so, if a spreadsheet is made in Ms. Excel it can be easily pasted in Ms. Word. Ms. Word even behaves as a guide where it helps you by highlighting spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes etc and will help you to make it error free.
VSupportTechExperts have a huge lovability for all these Ms. Office products.
So here, VSupportTechExperts have got you a step-by-step guide to help to use Ms. Word.

How to start Microsoft Word?

To open a Microsoft Word…
• Look at the extreme left corner of your screen, find and click start.
• Select “All Programs”
• From the drop-down list of programs, select Ms. Office.
• Select Ms. Word and double-click it.
To save Ms.Word File…
• If a file is being created, look at topmost left-hand corner. Click File.
• From the drop down list, select Save as option.
• Choose a name for file and write in textbox.
• Click the path you want your file to save.
• Click on save button.
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