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Microsoft Office Powerpoint

Microsoft Office package includes a presentation software program called Microsoft Powerpoint.
Microsoft PowerPoint gives an amazing graphical approach to presentations in the form of slide shows that even accompany the oral delivery of the topic. It’s a widely used program and an effective tool for training purposes, for business and classrooms.
Like any other Microsoft Office program, this one is also the easiest and simplest presentation program available for the computer users. With simplistic graphical features, it helps to create spectacular presentations which looks like a professional one. With such astonishing features it’s been considered the number1 program used worldwide for presentation.
VSupport Tech Experts have already mentioned about their likeability for Ms. Office products for their perfectibility and vulgarization.

Merits of using Microsoft Office PowerPoint

A Powerpoint Presentation can be made into photo albums, music or narrations can be add and can be distributed on CDs or DVDs. A few clicks will help you to add an illustrative chart of data or an organizational chart of your company. Your presentations can be made into a web page as a promotional ad.
A PowerPoint Presentation can be customized with a company logo and can use additional free add-ins and templates either direct from Microsoft site or by the host of other website. There is even a printout option available for PowerPoint presentation to help presenter to give audience the handouts of outlines.
VSupport Tech smarties have got you an easy beginner’s guide on how to open and save a Ms. Powerpoint file. This will help you to create amazing presentations which will further add on to your wings in qualifications and achievements.

How to start Microsoft PowerPoint?

To open a Microsoft Powerpoint…
• Look at the extreme left corner of your screen, find and click start.
• Select “All Programs”
• From the drop-down list of programs, select Ms. Office.
• Select Ms. PowerPoint and double-click it.
To save Microsoft Powerpoint File…
• If a file is being created, look at topmost left-hand corner. Click File.
• From the drop down list, select Save as option.
• Choose a name for file and write in textbox.
• Click the path you want your file to save.
• Click on save button.
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