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Microsoft Office Onenote

Isn’t it difficult to carry a notebook everytime everywhere and what if you are sitting randomly at a place with friends and got a thought which you want to pen down but unfortunately cannot because you are not carrying you notebook or personal diary. Microsoft has again undoubtedly ruling the market has created a software program for you which is available in your mobilephone and computer, if you have Microsoft Office suite. So anywhere whether in a meeting or with friends you want to note down something and you don’t have anything,look for your phone and its done. It is kind of an online home for many who can anytime anywhere can write their thoughts, make pictures, and draft articles and interviews transcripts.
Merits of Microsoft Onenote
Microsoft's Onenote is worth if you want a paper-free life and the best feature with these types of notes are that they don’t get lost, one click and it will be there.
Other than Evernote it has a tired Organizational system: notebooks, sections and notes. You have an option of creating more than one notebook. One note Pages are Free-Form canvas, allowing you to write, draw, hightlight and pinch and zoom just like you do on smartphone.
In Microsoft Surface device, you will be able to use pen to write notes, marking up the documents, or adding splash of colors.
VSupport TechExperts will not take a minute to say that no doubt they are fan of this Program as it helps them to serve you better with online notebook handy everytime with them.
How to get start with Microsoft Onenote?
VSupport LLC TEchexperts in this guide will help you to get friendly with this amazing program, so that even you can enjoy the benefits of this program. Follow these simple steps:
Create a Notebook
• Got to Start Menu and click All Programs.
• Select Microsoft Office from drop down list.
• Select Microsoft Onenote.
• Choose File->New
• Select OneDrive-Personal.
• Under Notebook name, type the name for your notebook and then click Create Notebook.
Open a Notebook
• Click File->Open.
• Under Open from other locations, Click on option Recent Notebooks and Select the Notebook you wish to open.
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