Locky is the Largest Malware Campaign in 2017

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The re-emergence of Locky ransomware has turned out to be the largest malware campaign in the later half of 2017, acc. to media reports.

Once this ransomware was considered almost defunct, but now report says that, over 23 million emails have been sent with malware to US Workforce in just 24 hours from august 28. These mails were under the subject please prints, documents and scans.

According to the report, that in a zip file containing a Visual Basic Script(VBS), the malware payload was hidden, which if clicked, will automatically at the backend will download the latest version of Locky Ransomware. With recently spotted Lukitus variant- it encrypts all the files and infects the computer.

As usual, victim will be entertained by a pop-up but instead here asking for the 0.5 bitcoin( worth $9345) to pay for special software in order to the decrypt the file encrypted in order to get the files back. This message is followed by proper instructions by the attackers on how download and install on the top browser in order to make the payment successfully by the victim.

VSupportLLC report says that the prominence of locky was rose in 2016 and thereafter is became the prominent high profile infection in all the introduced ransomware. Though, in between, its performance was suppressed by the Cerber, but the sudden resurgence show that it is very much a threat still, especially since there is no free decryption tool available to the victim.

Earlier this year, with the influx of co-ordinated ransomwares like WannaCry, Mamba and Petya was considered to be a wake-up call. And now with Locky the threat is been increased.

Therefore, VSupportLLCTechExperts will advise that, be cautious while opening mail and avoid those with suspicious file attachments as well will advise company as well to deploy anti-spam solutions and infact update spam block lists.

If any case, any one of you have suffered with any of these Ransomware attack, Dont Panic! And give VsupportLLcTechExperts a call who will try to fix it up for you. Call us anytime 24*7, Our Technicians are available at your services.

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