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Types Virus
The way virus affect human body, makes it weak and difficult to perform effectively. Similarly, computer viruses functions and affect the well-being of computer. The only difference is that computer doesn’t rest on bed and need antibiotics, rather these severe infections will have a wreak mayhem on your system. It will affect your computer to work abnormally wherein the files will get deleted, your data will be stolen or will make copy of itself etc.
Hence Vsupport LLC is introducing you with the most common types of viruses which affects your computer and what all they do to obstruct the working of your computer.

1. Resident Viruses
They are permanent type of virus which dwells in the RAM memory. From Ram it can overcome anytime in between a task and interrupt a task or operation by corrupting files and programs that are open, will make a copy of those file, close it automatically, delete it or rename it.
Examples include: Randex, CMJ, Meve, and MrKlunky.

2. Multipartite Viruses
Through infected media, Multipartite Viruses are distributed and usually hide in the memory. Gradually, from the memory this virus moves to the Boot sector of the hard drive and infects the executable files on the hard drive and later it moves to computer system and then affects it.
Though great deal of improvements were being offered by Michael but still there were few of the security issues with using a similar implementation.

3. Direct Action Viruses
The main purpose of this virus is to replicate and is executed when a specific condition is met and then infects the files in the directory or folder which are specified in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file PATH. The AUTOEXEC.BAT file PATH is always located in the root directory of the hard disk and run few operations when computer is booted.

4. Overwrite Viruses These type of viruses are a boundless threat for our content as they infects a file by deleting its original content and overwrites it, thus make them inadequate for any use. And the original content becomes totally useless.
The worst part is that the infected file can only be cleaned by deleting the file, which means that original content is lost.
Examples of this virus include: Way, Trj.Reboot, Trivial.88.D.

5. Boot Virus
They the the most dangerous type of viruses, they infect the master boot record. It is too difficult to remove them, often requiring a full system format. This is most of the time only solution, if the virus has encrypted the boot sector and excessively damaged the code. Typically spread by removable media, initially due to floppy and now majorly by either USB or media attachment.
With new improved BIOS architecture, there prevalence has been reduced. Examples of boot viruses include: Polyboot.B, AntiEXE.

6. Directory Virus
These type of viruses change the path of file that indicate the location of the file. File with the extension .com or .exe if been infected by the virus, then you are unknowingly running a virus program, the original program is being removed by the virus.
When it gets infected, it is difficult to locate the original files.

7. File Infectors
File with an extension .EXE or .COM gets easily infected by this virus. When these programs or files run, directly or indirectly they gets activated, causing damaging effects to the program they are supposed to carry out.
Maximum times these viruses are classified by the actions they carry out.

8. Encrypted Viruses
This type of virus carry an encrypted malicious code which makes it harder for anti-virus to detect them.
The antivirus can detects these viruses when they try to decrypt themselves to expand further.

9. Network Virus
Network viruses are generally or mostly spread through Local Network Area (LAN), or, through internet. These viruses multiplies generally by shared resources like shared drives and folders. These viruses search for their next prominent victim, when the infected computer connects to the network. Once that new computer gets infected it transfer to another and it continues.
The most dangerous viruses are Nimda and SQLSlammer.

10. Nonresident Viruses
Similar to Resident viruses, these viruses also use replication of module. Non-Resident virus work as a finder module which can infect files when it found one (one or more files gets infected when the module is executed).

11. Spacefiller (Cavity) Viruses
Spacefiller Viruses, are quite clever, they actually fills the empty space in the file memory which is there with every created file. Hence, they don’t increase the length of the file in the memory.
The LeHigh virus is an early example of a spacefiller virus.

12. Worms
Worms are not viruses but they have functionality similar to that of virus, where they replicate itself and perform negative effects on the computer.
The most important thing is that they can be detected by anti-viruses as well.
Examples of worms include: PSWBugbear.B, Lovgate.F, Trile.C, Sobig.D, Mapson.

13. Trojans or Trojan Horses
Trojans and Trojan Horses are the malicious code which, unlike, viruses don’t reproduces but they carry the important or effective personal information to other sources and hence is a big threat on our security.

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