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Types of Antiviruses Program
In this era, it is almost impossible to imagine a life without digital devices i.e. mobile phones, laptop, tablet etc. and with the increase in its usage, the threat over the security is being increased as well.
Vsupport LLC brings you a list of best anti-viruses and their working, to make you educated as well as smart in choosing a security for your devices. These list of anti-viruses are the best in their working and will assure the safety of your devices from these malicious infections.
Here are few of the best Antiviruses for you by VsupportLLC.
1. Norton
Symantec has been inventing and producing number of Norton antivirus programs continuously. These Norton antivirus products have proven themselves and established themselves as the leader by acquiring the market by providing the ultimate security experience to its users over their devices. A good number of the users are using this product and have relied completely on its security for their devices.
Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security are software program that checks the computer regularly and if they find viruses, remove it.
2. McAfee
McAfee VirusScan is considered to be the second most popular virus scan program after Norton Antivirus. It is amazingly coded which permits blocking, detection and protection not only from viruses but also from spyware in one program itself. Moreover, it gives access to continuously updating virus protection.
3. AVG
AVG is another most popular antivirus product which can be obtained for free, and can be easily downloaded from the internet. The best part about this anti-virus is that it doesn’t take much space on the hard drive and is compatible with a number of different windows operating system as well. It is programmed for both virus and spyware and scan all the files on the computer at regular intervals.
4. Kaspersky
Kaspersky is a Russian based anti-virus which is not very popular amongst the other antivirus products. However, it is a very effective product and provides amazing protection against viruses, spywares and Trojans.
5. Ad Aware
Ad Aware is a product of Lavasoft is another very strong antivirus program which provides protection against a large number of cyber security threats which arises when we use internet. They have levels of protection depending upon the one-off payment you choose to pay for the program. In addition, from the protection and removal of viruses and spyware, it provides protection against Trojans. The amazing feature of this anti-virus is that it provides protection without putting much pressure on the system.
VSupport LLC suggest you to choose and get protection from any of these anti-virus depending upon the usability of the digital devices. VSupport SmartTechies with High Credentials advice that purchase and choose a security for your digital devices before it gets too late and your device crashes or your important data falls into false hand.
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